Double Solo game

Table tennis played on TV tops? What you see is not at all what you get:  proprioception under attack in  the Double Solo table tennis game.

A quote:  “This is why it is so difficult. There is  visual disorientation: the extra info from the screen, visualising meta-perception that normally only happens in your head.   Then there is auditive disorientation: the sound that your ball makes mixes with the sound the other players ball makes. Then there is  disorientation of the sense of proprioception (the sense of the relative position of neighbouring parts of the body), caused by it not being yourself  you see on the screen – which you expect – but the opposite player with whom you are out of sync.  Also the TV screen is concave, so the ball is in a curved universe while you (think you) are in Euclidian space.  “

Video can be seen here. More info about this game here

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