The Unwanted Land

Met with a couple of my MaHKU classmates this week at exhibition/work in progress/performance The Unwanted Land. Tiong Ang – whe know him from MaHKU – is one of six artists creating an environment/installation, reflecting on issues of migration and identity at museum Beelden aan Zee in the Hague.  This museum has opened its doors to experimentation – quite something for they are usually doing very traditional stuff. Fixed and finished statues that one can walk around and admire at leasure are more their style. So I had to be there when experimentation happened, and fortunately Tiong invited us to one of his shoots.

Tiong has created a white cube minimalist sculpturea la Sol LeWitt that is also a moving platform that he uses as a film set. It can be moved across the museum floor and at various locations he shoots his film, using visitors, invitees (us) and two actor friends as his cast. The actual shooting of the film, plus the preparations for it, he views as an ongoing performance. Great stuff!

I’m posting a couple of pics from the shoot – see Tiong behind the camera, and performer Atone Niane at work, surrounded by MaHKU graduates. I love the way the light reflects off Atone’s very dark skin – he’s a sculpture all by himself. Video to be uploaded shortly


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