Seeing gardens

Spurred  on by Sam Abell and his photo book ‘seeing gardens’ I re-visited my own photo archive and picked out a number of pictures in his style. Not that they can hold a candle to his photos, but to carry the argument of what a garden is a little further.

Quote from the book: Seeing gardens – in expected and especially in unexpected places – has given meaning to my life as a photographer and traveler. Throughout the world flowers are arranged, fabrics designed, homes situated, and views framed because people place the poetry of the garden at the center of their lives. In my work I seek to show the nature of this beauty and the connection between cultivated gardens, incidental arrangements, and the undesigned wilderness. Key to the argument of what a garden is must be the word designed.

This pic was taken on a New York sidewalk, one very cloudy day in november 2008

This flower I picked from my car – someone had made a tiny produce garden on a kerb. Traffic jam allowed me to photograph it on my car’s dashboard.

And here is one of my wilder experiments – done at the Tractieweg atelier in Utrecht that I had in 2009.




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