Yesterday saw some hectic activity. For starters, I packed a car with all the stuff I’ve been  busy making these past few weeks and two little girls and headed to The Hague. Where Eveline from PLAY+ART has room at the Caballero Fabriek, an industrial building-turned-hotspot. We went to use this building for a fotoshoot, me and two other PLAY+ART artists. The two little girls came along as models,  ably assisted by a toddler boy. They were meant to do what kids do best: PLAY!

And play they did! I had a great time orchestrating and photographing it all. We were in luck with the weather – overcast but lots of light – and the Caballero Fabriek provided wonderful photo ops. We went at it for four hours, these kid’s stamina is amazing! Then again, we offered them some amazing stuff to play with, too.

Then I carted all back out to the car. Then we went to Ikea because the little girl needed a big case for her new toys. Ikea on saturday afternoon is a mistake – won’t go near it again in a weekend, promise.  Then found two big big carton boxes that the little girl instantly coveted: she wants to convert  them into luxury appartments for her toy animals. Then struggled and struggled with the damned carton, but found the strength somewhere to fight it back to a size that fit back  in the car on top of the stuff and the girls heads. Then got us home in one piece. Supermom to the rescue!

Anyway, some of the many pics I took are below. Lessons learned for a next time: go for more variation in kids clothe. Also: more variation in the spots I photograph them in. Also: find a place that is the total opposite of the C.F. and do this shoot again.   Pretty nice pics, though.


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