Sandpit festival at Southbank Centre.

If the weather permits, I’ll be in London next week to do a drawing game at the Sandpit festival at Southbank Centre. The fun starts Monday 18 June  from 6:30-10:00, with games that  explore the idea of performance. There’ll be games with music, games with dance and movement, games with theatre – and games that get the players performing, drumming, reading aloud, dancing and more. My drawing game will be done outside – lots of lovely pavement at Southbank Centre – so it needs reasonable weather. So I’ll not go over if it threatens to pour. Keeping my fingers crossed, though: I really really want to make them Brits jump!

This is the text I wrote for the Hide and Seek website:

Everything looks better when you put it in a circle (Everdien Breken)
Was Banksy right? In this oversized drawing game, we will test his maxim to the max. And do some jumping, too!


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