Muted Distortions

I am participating in exhibition in Athens  titled Muted Distortions:  6/12/2012 – 13/01/2013.  I wrote a piece of code for it called OraclR  – a re-interpretation of the ancient Oracle. For this exhibition  circles around the concept of noise :  any information contained to a message that was not intended by the sender. 

I count the grains of sand on the beach and measure the sea; I understand the speech of the dumb and hear the voiceless. Often baffling, dense and difficult to interpret, an Oracle used to be the voice of the gods, a source of wise counsel and precognition of the future. OraclR is a re-interpretation of the Oracle, a play on the idea of divination. Huge but humdrum information flows (Twitter, Flickr, Wiki) are grabbed by hashtag and grafted on to Homer. The resulting text, based on algorithm, is presented on-screen and read out by a disembodied voice.

There is a lot of interesting stuff on show – check here for a preview.  Unfortunately, I will have to make do with pictures of the event myself, for my travel budget will not stretch to a return trip to Athens.


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