To transfer harmony

Found a great circle – and a great quote – reading Henk van Os’s book Augustinus op het strand – Augustine on the beach. Fairly boring book by a well-known Dutch art historian. But a great quote, and an additional reason to go and visit Hedge House at Wijlre Castle. Had I but world enough, and time …..

pag 81, my translation: Ad Dekkers writes in Structure magazine: ‘The plastic expression of balanced proportions possesses such a penetrating impact as to be able to transform the whole of society ... [It is] my sincerest wish through my work to assist man to rid himself  of any impurity and reach the equilibrium  of love and reason’.  In a conversation with Jean Leering in 1970 he talks about the meaning of the circle: ‘the circle,  for instance, compared to the square, offers totally different opportunities for my work. It is a coherent system of shapes that is indifferent to my personal preferences and arbitrariness like no other , and, in my opinion, its generality offers  optimal opportunities  to transfer harmony.   

Ad dekkers Gebroken cirkel 1971  Kasteel Wijlre Jo en Marlies Eyck
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