This is Haarlem on Sunday morning – church bells sound over the Spaarne. We are posed to continue our trip, taking the inland route via the river Zaan. The very first industrial area in Europe the Zaan is, and home of the Albert Hein grocery chain. Wonder what it will look like? My great-grandfather once bought a windmill somewhere at the Zaan, took it apart (it was a wooden structure) and shipped it to Woudenberg in Utrecht province. A story to tell one’s grandchildren …. “Every landscape is seen through a screen of tropes” says Simon Schama, writer of ‘landscape and memory’. The sand dunes of the Sahara that I visited last october were without tropes for me. No handles whatsoever. First time I ever walked in a barren landscape. I keep seeing sand dunes everywhere I go ever since. Am photographing them, too: Dutch Mountains. Note: post some

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