Torn again, born again

Het Carillon copy

Next saturday will see me doing another GALAXY workshop. It will be at our local thrift store, they moved to a new location and I am one of their opening acts. In the press release I emphasised the idea of ‘upcycling’ – adding value to materials that are in themselves worthless. Local press took this up, very pleasing. Upcycling means that I take Tshirts that are washed out, torn, stained &cetera, so unfit to be worn again. Instead, they are born again as stars on the Galaxy firmament. Cheap pun, I know, but irresistable ;)

They expect a lot of people, so I hope to be very busy.  Loes Glandorff will come and lend a hand, maybe Eveline Wawoe, too. Yes, my network is of great value to me!



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