fesatured images   The good WordPress people in their wisdom changed an important thing in their code: where they used to grab the first image in a post they turned around and started grabbing the featured image for the post – with no warning anywhere. Some of my features, such as ‘related posts’, no longer came up with images. Hated that! Had two choices: 1. add code to make sure that if no featured image was found the first image in the post was used 2. add a featured image to all my  old posts Fortunately there are more blogs out there with the same problem. And nerds to fix problems. I found a plugin named  Quick Featured Images that made me a list of all my posts (more than 900 now!), and let me set the first image in the blog as the featured image. Bingo! Problem solved. It was endearing to scroll through the list of  images – a lot of stuff came back to me. Have done so much! Stuff from a few years ago actually looking better than I thought …

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