While I went to Amsterdam a little while ago for other purposes, by chance  I went past Gallery Diana Stigter. Glanced inside, and as luck would have it they had new work by Tjebbe Beekman. Love his work – he combines atmosphere with room.

I was reminded of Dutch 17th century painter de Hooch – who did, for example ‘at the linen closet’ that is on show at the Rijksmuseum. Both go on about interior spaces, about room, about perspective.  Of course Beekman is about paint as well, where de Hooch wants us to forget we’re looking at a painting.  There is a film about Beekman (in Dutch) that I’ve seen at de Hallen in Haarlem two years ago – he’s an interesting guy.
Tjebbe Beekman  03 Tjebbe Beekman  02 Tjebbe Beekman  01

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