Counting cost

I did mention going to the land of the cheese makers, did I not? This is a land of  flatness and greenness, with Amsterdam always on the horizon. Water and land are sharply delineated, the water often higher than the land. Only constant pumping keeps it dry – or dry-ish – it is a little strange that we don’t worry about this more.

The land is a land of averages, not extremes, so it was awesome – and inspiring – to find and visit the Dutch Kremlin: a garden inspired on the buildings of the Orthodox Church. Take a man that works day and night to realise his vision, and a woman who fills in unoccupied spaces with a lot of lovely flowers, and someone to mow the grass. And what you get is this awesome exercise in futility – I do love people that don’t count cost.  Nederlands Kremlin 01Nederlands Kremlin 04 Nederlands Kremlin 02 Nederlands Kremlin 03

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