These days I visit a museum, a gallery or another place where High Art is to be found on a weekly basis – please let me never get to a point where I take this for granted! Participating in the Art of Making Art Exhibitions remains a very special thing, to be hugely enjoyed. Being fundraiser for this year’s exhibition is a complex but fun thing, too.

So this week we were in Haarlem, where the Frans Hals Museum resides – Hals having been a Haarlem resident. They have an exhibtion on titled Museum in Bloom.  Wish I had had more time to see the blooms, but due to time constraints I had to leave right after having a very interesting meeting with Ann Demeester, who is director at the Frans Hals. She has a clear vision for her museum, and wants to grow towards a situation where ‘the museum reflects the artist’s mind’. No more thinking in terms of nationality, time period or school, but focus on subject and meaning of artworks. This makes presenting works from the Golden Age together with contemporary art (the two are very well represented in her collection) a logical step. She will marry Frans Hals to De Hallen – looking forward to it!

Frans Hals Museum Haarlem 01



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