And just before going to bed a short post about the Botanical Garden in Copenhagen. Came across it by chance, the enormous Palm House beckoned us, it told us we would be dry and warm. More like humid and hot, but who’s complaining. A majestic building, filled with plants – my idea of heaven. I found some friends there: a lemon tree, a carob tree (mine is tiny, but it will grow), clivia’s, abutilon, strelitzia – my, my, what multitude. Outside were pretty tulips – tulipa sylvestris – note: I did not dig for bulbs. Will see if I can order some, they are soooo elegant. Looking forward to see the camassia’s in my own garden bloom – here they were silvery-white, mine promised to be cerulean blue. Hope they will like it in my garden, and stay, and maybe multiply,

Kopenhagen 2017-4-26 32

Kopenhagen 2017-4-26 33

Tulipa Sylvestris


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