My notebook crashed a couple of days ago – such an uncomfortable notion. Checked with my hosting provider – they mentioned lack of maintenance and signs of hackers, and advised a complete redesign. Are they trying to scare me into spending more money with them? It almost looks that way.

Anyways, I took up the challenge myself. First I accessed my sit via ftp – it had been a while since I last did that thing, worked like a charm though. I then deleted a few redundant backups that took up lots of space. As a result my WordPress install became accessible again. I went to the admin page like a shot, and deactivated all plugins – did go overboard with the plugins I must admit. Re-activated a few one by one, and the site started purring like a well-kept sowing machine.

Next step was a quiet re-think – what to keep, what to discard to simplify the notebook. Went through all of my visuals, from way back in 2009 when I started blogging up until the present day. Conclusion: nice stuff there, but as an artist, I need to focus. Have been gravitating towards this decision for a while, but this is it: the area that I live in – dominated by Maas and Waal rivers – will be my muse, ‘ ‘Dutch space is different’ my main research option and leitmotiv.

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