New words

exploreThe questions I voiced in my original research proposal circled around children’s play as  a way of constructing a mental model of the world. I learned from Huizinga that  adults have always played, too. Today, adults and children share the same cultural space in which they play. My question was: can I situate my work in that cultural space?

Since posing these questions, I have read a lot, thought a lot and experimented some.

From the reading comes a quote that has particular relevance for me, it is from Jameson, ‘Postmodernism’, page 44.: “Postmodern hyperspace finally succeed[s] in transcending the capacities of the individual human body to locate itself, to organise its immediate surroundings perceptually, and cognitively to map its position in a mapable external world”.

From the reading, thinking, writing and experimenting come a couple of new words (see page “new words’ at top of blog). Picked the concepts  that I want my research to be about:
Mental map – representation of a space in one’s mind.
Explore’ is the aspect of ’play‘ that I am most interested in.
Legend of Ariadne’s labyrinth: she chose her lover over her brother, then her lover chose to sail on without her.  Having betrayed and being betrayed, she went quite mad.
Riemann Labyrinths made by traversing a city using a ‘formula’ or ‘rule’.
Somatic knowledge and the body as a slow mind