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Everdien Breken Open Ateliers AWK 6900

Did an Open Atelier today at Asch van Wijckskade  – otherwise known as AWK. Had a constant stream of visitors – mostly FF (family & friends). Not like the crowd at Expodium, but nice. Picture is of one of my friends admiring a work by Alejandro Ramirez, who did a work based on Rotterdam as port of entry – exit for drugs. His research was sparked off by a newspaper article about colombian heroin being found in plastic pineapples that were sent to Rotterdam in a consignment of real pineapples. He created a journalist character and had people participate in deciding what this journalist could do in searhc of this lot of pineapples. Interesting stuff.

He’s projecting pictures taken there on an opaque glass. Which works pretty nice because his pictures are as much about light and shade as about anything else. Missed the sound to go with it – he wasn’t in today to start it and I had no clue how to. Pity he cleaned out his working space – he had it real nice, a research lab in miniature, but chose to take  all that out, leaving a bare table and chair. The room reverted to a non-descript standard office unit, which did the work hanging there no good. Later: saw the pics together with the sound. More layered, even more interesting.

As for my own work: had a lot of players in today, a ball almost busted one of my TV’s. They are made of sturdy stuff, however, so the TV survived. Best comment of the day: “I like it that it is not totally safe, this game”. Sound works better when filling the room, not only the ears, but this also makes it more into an installation. Which is nice, but not totally what I have in mind. It now talks with the work Penny made, that sits across the big room. Her sound sculptures are pretty good!

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