Writing on the wall

Everdien Breken Expodiumj 25082010 01Everdien Breken Expodium 25082010 02Finished installing at Expodium today. Right now, I am so tired I don’t want to even think about it any more. But I promised the ladies from the library – they kindly lent me their newspaper stand – I’d post a picture of it for them to see, so here goes. Ladies, if you read this, thanks again! Your stand was just what I needed.

I wrote a van Eyck quote and some other stuff with chalk on the wall – it’s not so very visible on the picture but fortunately it comes out better in real life. Note: if I want handwriting to look like that of a teacher on a blackboard – next time, hire a teacher.

Other pic is Chrisoula writing the introductory text on the wall at the entrance


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