Installing at Expodium

We’ve started installing our stuff at Expodium last monday. Theme of the exhibition is ‘collective individuality’, we are showing our individual responses to the same bit of public space: Jaarbeursplein. I did one of my ‘spelen op straat’ street actions at this Utrecht square, drawing a game and observing people’s reactions.  At Expodium I will show three pictures, one of the game at Jaarbeursplein and two taken during research at an Aldo van Eyck playground. In it are the little girl’s feet – she is quite exited about being in an exhibition.

First pic shows Yan, she’s doing a mural at Expodium, drawing patterns of movement (feet) across Jaarbeursplein. Second pic shows Brisha thinking about how best to use his spot. Third pic shows my pictures standing against the wall. I put them up yesterday afternoon, will go back this afternoon to add text and put the stack of Straatnieuws newspapers in place.

Everdien Breken Expodium 240810 6768Everdien Breken Expodium 240810 6755Everdien Breken Expodiuim 240810 6736

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