Hop-scotch at a bus stop

Thise are pics from the first hop-scotch game I drew at a bus stop in Utrecht.

A quote:

I discovered there are three kinds of people:
1. people that don’t even see the games I draw. Their minds edit out what their eyes must have noticed, minds being busy with other things at the time. To quote myself from the Straatnieuws article: “their heads are not where their feet are” (30%).}|
2. people that see the games but decide not to play  (40%).
3. people that see the games and decide to play (30%).  This can translate to a  small skip into an otherwise uninterupted walk – and I love these moments best – all the way to  gigantic leaps like  this one  businessman took at Jaarbeursplein.

So I became  curious as to what motivates people  (not) to play, and am presently speculating about the joint forces of curiosity, playfulness and fun.”

More info on the hop-scotch games to be found here

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