Play at Stopera: this fohn is megatronic!

Did experiment no 003 in a totally new setting yesterday.  Thanks to Yuhri I got to play with Amsterdam civil servants in the famous Stopera – the city hall annex opera house  that is so emblematic. It was really great to get the opportunity to go to a non-art venue and see how the experiment works there. Thanks again Simone!

First of all I had to think of a way to connect to the theme of the conference. The reason the Amsterdam civil servants got together was to generate ideas to make “Metropolis Amsterdam” (even) more attractive to people and businesses from all over the world. So I decided to do the thing performance-wise: me as a brain-trainer and the Wind installation as a brain-train-instrument that makes players  more creative.  This is a whole new take on the idea behind experiment no 003, and one that opens up a lot of new avenues. So: good. No: fantastic!

Anyway, I put the thing at the entrance of the conference and invited a lot of people to play. And they played!  I even got keynote speaker and Amsterdam alderman (or -woman, really)  Carolien Gehrels improvising a rap number, chanting  ‘Im on it, I’m on it, this fohn is megatronic’. She’s cool!

Pics included here are stills from the video material I’ve got. I’ll do a bit of editing:  the Brain Trainer video is to be uploaded to YouTube shortly….