Call me rumpelstiltskin

Today was make-yarn day – call me rumpelstiltskin. I speeded up the yarn making process by using the very scary rotorblade yarn cutter I inherited from an Amsterdam needlewoman. It works much faster to use machine power when cutting up T-shirts, and all my fingers were still there last time I checked (and as I’m a ten-finger typist I’m pretty sure I’d notice).

I did notice today that kids love making yarn. Applying scissors to a T-shirt makes them giggle – little vandals – and stretching the strips to make yarn is like waving a magic wand to them. They loved winding yarn around everything that stood still, and some things that moved, too …..  I must admit I love this part myself .  Most kids went home trailing yarn from their pockets or around their necks.

Which gave me an idea for a next project – it could be all about kids making yarn and doing stuff with it. We could start with a heap of T-shirts in an all-white room, and end up with no T-shirts and a room full of colourful spiderwebs and suchlike. There is no end to inventiveness, is there?



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