Knitting in overdrive

I knitted in overdrive today, we needed to make mileage. Check the result below – clearly this is a sheep in the making, no? I’m planning at least one lamb to go with it, which means knitting at the weekend, too. Fortunatly the people from Humana gave us a lot of T-shirts to play with!

I learned the German way to knit from a little old lady that tuttuttutted me about my knitting style.  So I’m an international knitter now, adept at using both the left and the right hand to hold the yarn. Very good for preventing RSI! !

In the afternoon we did another al-fresco knitting session with the kids – I’m accepted in their little community now as the knitting teacher. Kids started to ask my permission to go to the bathroom, which I take as a positive comment on my teaching style.

The Big Knit smells cottony and is lovely to touch. I keep stroking it and so does almost everyone that stops by. As an added bonus, the exercise of knitting gives me an extra eye for texture – witness the pic below. Being a well-behaved girl, I did manage to keep my hands off , but with difficulty.


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