Less than fortunate

And now for something completely different – the last of the vignettes I will write today. Went to see the illustrations of Fiep Westendorp – the Dutch Quentin Blake- at my local museum – which is Stadskasteel Zaltbommel / city castle Zaltbommel. They have a permanent exibition about her life and work. I visited with a sister-in-law who is an illustrator herself, very interesting to see the details she focuses on and the things she picks up. Again, I may not be single-minded enoug – Fiep Westendorp devoted all her time to drawing, refusing to get married or having much of a social life. If, that is, the documentary that we looked at is a faithful representation of her life. Anyways, I must make a mental note to support the idea to build Fiep a separate pavillion in the museum garden, as the mix of historic ‘grande salle’ of the small castle – where the work is shown – and Fiep’s modern and colorful illustrations is less than fortunate.

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