Took the boat from IJmuiden to Newcastle recently – slow but sure – and went to Holy Island for two days of walking and birdspotting. Landmark on Holy Island is Lindisfarne Castle that dates from the 16th century. Edward Hudson – a publishing magnate and the owner of Country Life magazine – bought it in 1901 and had it renovated by Sir Edwin Lutyens as a holiday retreat. Gertrude Jekyll did the walled garden situated on the grounds.

I set myself the task to photograph the castle in as many different ways possible, given that I did not have access to a boat. The following series resulted:

Went and visited the castle, too, as it promised “Song ( After Nature)” by Paul Rooney. Which was magic! Nature sounds (seals, gulls, wind, waves) being played to by a cello, made complete by the wind around the turret room it was situated in. Clever setup – a wall filled with soundboxes of varying antiquety.

Could have done without the prints and the short stories, but in all it was an Experience. Having created a virtual river with sound as one of its major components has made me especially receptive to sound as an artistic medium, I think.

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