Compact – XXXL

Went to Brussels last week, to play with my Compact software in the Spatial Computing Lab at LUCA Campus. Getting it to work was way easier than I had thought it would be – helped, of course, by Jan Duerinck who presides over the lab. He had Processing already installed, all I needed to do was to add the Sound library and enter the right parameters for size, and voila! Sound needed some adjustment, fortunately Jan knew how to do this.

I was euphoric, at first, seeing my brainchild sooooo large on three screens. Amazing to be able to walk inside it.

Then reality struck – compact moved much slower on three screens than it did on one. Also it turned out to be difficult to ‘catch’ movement because in this setup one or two screens will always be at one’s back – and Compact was drawing one line at a time. To summarise: the thing was a bit slow ….

So today I restructured my code to make multiple line drawing possible. I made it so that the number of lines drawn at the same time increases every half minute. So when the plots get smaller the tempo of their subdivision picks up. Nice! To get an idea, best use the ‘enlarge’ button on de video below.

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