Fly the flag – first solo expo

First solo-expo in my PhD trajectory – time to fly the flag! Went to Eemland last saturday for a screening of my film ‘The Empty Land’, made from images harvested with my Camera Obscura. Also on show the impressions of Eemland’s futures. A pumping station in the middle of the Eemland polder was open for the public last saturday, as it was national Pumping Station and Windmills day. The house next door, where the man that kept the machinery alive used to live, was mine for the day to do my thing in.

Ideal location! A film about the Eemland polder, shown in the middle of said polder – what’s not to like? Bird song from outside and pumping station sounds complemented the film, which was an unexpected bonus. Might go and capture the sound of a pumping station and add it to the film, as a sort of heartbeat. After all: no pumping station, no Eemland …. Had a lot of positive feedback on the film – ‘a slowing-down experience’, ‘what beauty there is in clouds’, ‘took me a while to get it, then it was gripping’, ‘timeless images’.

It was a hectic week, getting ready for my first one-woman-show. But preparation paid off big time: not a hitch, not a forgotten cable. So: ready to do this thing again in September.

Many thanks go to Waterschap Vallei en Veluwe and Natuurmonumenten, who made the exhibition possible.


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