Was grumbling today about the ‘Waterwoorden’ work we installed at Museum Flehite in Amersfoort last Monday . I’m a little nervous about it all working when we go to the opening ceremony next Friday. My eminently practical husband suggested I install Waterwoorden on yet another laptop, and take this with me as a backup. As I did have a laptop lying around doing nothing much, I took him up on the suggestion and went to work.

First I checked the Windows version {Windows 7 Professional)then the screen size (1344 x 840 pixels). Processing runs on Windows 7 – thank you Processing people! Then I had to figure out how to install sound library Minim manually, as the standard add-a-library function did not work.

Then I downloaded waternamen_EB_63_sound.pde and fiddled around with it to make it fit the new screen size. Took a little while to figure out how to make fewer words appear at the correct distance from each other, this screen being a little smaller than standard. Fortunately, I parameterized fanatically. So tweaking the software isn’t all that difficult. JSetting some new values for a few parameters did the trick, I did not have to go through more than the 4000 lines of code that Waterwoorden consists of with a toothcomb.

Saved the file that works as waternamen_EB_63_backup.pde. Then I had to dis-allow windows updates, set up the energy scheme so that closing the laptop will not stop the execution of the software, dis-allow sudden tasks (you never know …) and remove redundant programs (again: you never know).

Am now running a 2 x 24 test, meaning that I will run the app for two days continuously. If nothing breaks I have the nerve-reducing option of taking this third laptop to Flehite on Friday.

Oh, and by the way: I now have two laptops at Flehite, one backup laptop for Flehite, one laptop in my Camera Obscura in Eemland and one laptop that I use when I train people to be project managers. Richly blessed …