Are the experiments streamlined processes?


I just re-read the posts I wrote about  Experiments 001, 002 and 003. What struck me is that I describe them as if it they have been very streamlinedv processes, leading from research question to experiment to conclusion.

But that is not what really happened.  Well, not all the time. A lot of things I get started because I am curious about a certain material (wool has been almost an infatuation), because I am fooling around with stuff, or just to see if it is at all possible to make the thing that pops into my mind. Also, doing one thing leads to another, and another, and another. Also, I start a lot of things just because it  makes me feel good.

So  I usually see the path after having walked it.  Deep thought: Maybe it is not so much the starting point and the direction that matter, but the ability to pay attention to what happens and to make good decisions – choices – based on that. Not at all like they teach you in Delft, this way of working, but whaddoyouknow.

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