Example of a non-linear process

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Just thought about the perfect example illustrating  my earlier post about the experiments I do not being well thought-out streamlined processes but rather a trial-and-error make it up as you go along thing.  I knitted a long long scarf because I felt like doing it and because I scored some wool used for tapistry. I even made XL knitting needles because I could not find needles thick enough. Then the chair I worked in came into the picture. Then Lisa happened around and felt the need to crawl into the thing. This led to us making a movie about it – which didn’t turn out very well because I know nothing about lights in a studio setting and suchlike . Also the studio setting was very boring, we should have done the thing in a meadow with a lot of cows looking on. Then I invited Helen to come and play in my studio, and now I have explained picture number four. As you can see, most of the time I when I talk about my experiments I do a sort of reversed engineering – I do the thing, play around with it, and then find out why I did it in the first place…….

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