A small black void

Video by Geert van Mil

Video by Geert van Mil

I made the post about Experiment no 003/2009: A sudden gust of wind come out at the top of the home page every time I open the blog (new word for me: this is called a sticky post). The picture of Gerlise blowing into the wind machine really clicked with me, not initially but when I saw it on the computer. But I didn’t know why. Talking with the family over the breakfast table this morning I found a reason why.

Have to let you have a look at Geert van Mil’s website first. It  opens with a work that he showed in the group exhibition at the Academiegalerie that he and I participated in (sorry Geert, could not find the title of the work on your site). Have a bit of patience, it opens real slow, click here

For those less patient: there is a screenshot from the video at the top of this page. I really liked the way the work was presented at  the Academiegalerie, it was projected on a wall, quite small and close to the floor. I like works of art that don’t shout but let you discover them. Seeing this work on his website when I included him in my bloglist last week was really great too. The thing is that it made me aware of the glass screen of my PC and the space behind it. It is as if the hands are moving in this black void behind the glass. 

The picture of Gerlise blowing through the wind thing at experiment no 03 has the same quality: she blows at you but the glass of the computer screen keeps you from feeling this. Note: explore this a bit more.

Idea: Maybe I should hand out chirurgical gloves to people when my work is shown in a  gallery, it being both a message to go and touch a work and a way to remove them from the work – like the screen does with the video.  Would also make the curator happy;) .

foto 16

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