Inventarisation 03

tractie inventarisatie 03 01

There was so much rubbish laying around! I spent a profitable morning picking up waste, filled a number of bags and took the stuff home. Rob, the caretaker, now looks at me with much more approval. I even inspired him to do some cleaning himself, the other day when I came in he was hosing down the entrance.

I took the rubbish home and sorted it, threw a lot of it out and had a great time playing around with the rest. More about that in a later blog.

For now, let me tell you what my inventarisation told me about  this space. People have been:

  • Parking cars (tyre tracks)
  • Smoking (cigarette butts, ditto packs, lighters)
  • Drinking (beer cans, soda cans, plastic water bottles, glass)
  • Making art (plastic flowers, glass vases, a board with painting on top and lots of bugs underneath)
  • Having campfires

No joy on the labyrinth thing though, no sudden illuminations about the how or what I am going to do here. I don’t want to build a labyrinth, am still  looking for a way to let a labyrinth just happen. Will start with some stuff to build interest in the place, give people that work here a sense of  ‘hey – there is something happening out there’. Visual means? Have to work with/in contrast to all the blue from the trucks parked just outside the lab and the containers on the premises(see blog Inventarisation 01)

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