Two-way communication

Arjen Mulder

Arjen Mulder

 Arjen Mulder

On friday 18th and 25th our lecturer was Arjen Mulder. We prepared for his lectures by reading his article Understanding  Media Theory  and also  The Exercise of Interactive Art that he wrote with  Joke Brouwer.  Unfortunately I missed the first lecture, but the second one I could go to & it was real interesting. Arjen has a knack for giving great examples. His story about  scientist John Lilly and his dolphins was so funny. Note: check on Lilly and his experimental attitude.

Today I had a go at applying  his communication models to the new words I found recently (see page on “new words’ at top of blog).  The communication model that suits my way of thinking best (at the moment) is the following two-way model:  

 communication model

Two-way communication model ^


I applied my new words, and after filling a wastepaper basket with crumpled-up tries  it came out like this:

applied communication model

Two way communication model filled in with my new words ^