Rough outline of new research questions

applied communication model

This is the two-way communication model filled with my new words.  Things I need to look at:  

  • I do have a message (of sorts), reading ‘hey you, there is a whole (new) world to explore’
  • The participants (art has a public, experiments have participants) have mental maps that are sort of fixed, and maybe they prefer it this way.
  • To be researched: how does a mental map get made.
  • To be researched: (why) are kid’s mental maps flexible & why do they like to/need to explore.
  • To be researched: (how) do adult s fix their mental maps  & (why ) do they need them fixated.
  • I prepare experimental environments where participants can explore and maybe un-fix some (parts of) mental maps.
  • Mental maps of what:  body?  objects?, (labyrinth-like) environments?
  • Why do I want to do this? 
  •  Because people with  mental maps that are totally fixed are dangerous people
  •  Because I don’t like closed systems/fixed mental maps, having escaped from closed systems more than once
  •  Because I feel that modern society is so complex, so many different cultures living in one city, we need flexibility to go on living together.
  • Question: how about the arrow going from ‘you’ to ‘me’ ? Maybe the experiments will change my mental maps, too. Good!
  • Question: experimental environment to be surprising? Is that effective in un-fixing?
  • What with the sense-of-touch thing?
  • Maybe this whole thing is still too big a chunk to research in 1 year.