The problem of organisation

 christian hubert site
Looking for a picture to go with blog about Deleuze’s   ‘smooth and striated  I found the site of Christian Hubert, an architect with a New York office, Christian Hubert Studio. Checked him on the net, he is described as having a  design practice devoted primarily to the design of exhibitions, spaces for art, and architectural projects for artists and collectors

He has a very interesting way of  presenting his ideas and thoughts in the form of  ‘writings’ (check his site). He sees  his writings as hypertext. Quote: “Its [the site’s] content is in a form somewhere between note-taking and writing. It contains extensive paraphrases of readings, generally, but not always, clearly credited”  

 Quote: “The conceptual model for this hypertext remains the Encyclopedie edited by Diderot. The problem of organisation, especially the debate between alphabetical order and thematic or scientific order, preoccupied Diderot in the preface to the Encyclopedie. Theorists of hypertext claim the resolution of these conflicts, althoug a sceptic might say they [have] simply been instrumentalized, that the renvois is identical to the link. I would hope that some aspects of that model might be developed through this document, particularly in relation to issues of multiple authorship and reading public, and that this web will eventually become both more spatial and visual in experience.”  [bold formatting is my own]

Hubert adresses some of the concerns I have adopting the blog format to document my research. It’s form is somewhere between note-taking and writing, and I do try to be scrupulous in crediting (=linking to the sources I found stuff).

I will take his writings as a model for mine.  Already had a go at making my blog as visual as possible, looking for a picture to go with every post. This I do because I find it easier to navigate around in the blog this way.  I am, after all, a visual arts researcher, even though my research will focus on non-visual ways of gathering knowledge and about exploration as a way of  communication.  The hypertext links serve to integrate my writings into the world wide web, so that the blog gets – in the future, when I have more conficence?  – it’s own place in hyperspace.