If you don’t document it, it never existed.

Today I will  take time to document some of the stuff I made earlier. I have never documented it really well – which is a mistake, I know, but I like doing the experiments so much better than writing about them or documenting them, and ideas for new experiments just keep on popping into my head.  Doing a diary-style blog form will help me here I hope. I think I need the discipline of writing a little something every day or so.

Also, a large part of this year is going to be devoted to learning to write, talk about and document our work. So I thought I’d better get started.

And  yet another reason for doing this today is that I feel a need to revisit the work I made earlier. These first few weeks at school filled my mind with so many new and exiting ideas, concepts and work of other artists, it made me realise I might lose myself in just studying it all.   I feel a need to stay connected to my own work and this seems to be a good way to do it.

The results of all this activity you can see under the new categorys ‘recent experiments’  and ‘new sparks’.


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