ball hair drawing 02ball hair drawing 01Had a new  idea the other day about ‘a line made by walking’. What if it wasn’t the feet leaving footsteps behind, but it was the hair that trails behind? Envisaged a giant plait – like in the fairy tale of the princess who is locked up in the tower and who uses her plait as a climbing rope to get the prince up to her tower room – I forget the name but this is basically the story.

What if a woman, burdened by a giant plait, lets go of it and it trails behind her? Woman is already round the corner, plait still in view? I started making sketches, see pics. Red hair? Like the red thread Ariadne used? She was called ‘Ariadne-of-the-golden-locks’. In this thing I really mix my metaphors.  How to make a giant plait? Find a red-haired model? Film/photograph? A lot of ideas, will let this simmer for a while.

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