Experiment 005/2010: eye moving from point to point

DSC_0005Made a portrait of my friend Lena yesterday using the concept of the ‘tactile eye’. What you see are ‘viewprints’ of a face as a collage on paper. The  ‘dots’  or ‘viewprints’ that make up this picture represent what I call a tactile way of seeing. I sort of record  the moments  the eye is still, inbetween moving. There is no depth, color, angle, (suggestion of) movement,  only surface, pattern. The white space inbetween the viewprints is the non-representation of what the eye sees while it moves to another point.

What is interesting is the way I adjusted to this way of seeing. It happened that, when I put one of the bits of paper in the wrong place, I noticed this immediately. Though I couldn’t say exactly what was wrong, I sensed a disturbance in the pattern.

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