fotoblogFollowing up an idea from a friend, I decided to document my earlier work at HKU. It’s a shame, but I never documented any of it really well. I do have the pictures, but have never made a coherent collection. Well – this has changed! After a hectic 24 hrs spent – when not sleeping – on revisiting my picture archive from earlier HKU years, I decided on a set that I can conscientiously present to the world as being representative of my work.

As it is all visual, I decided not to add the pics to this blog but to adopt another format for them. Thanks – again – to the WordPress people this turned out to be increadibly easy: check  [much later: I removed  this site – now check] . I love seeing all my stuff together there on the ‘archive’  page.  And I’m positively surprised to see that there is a sort of coherence. Of course I knew that I’m into structures, textures, the ‘feel’ of fabric, wood, grass, but now I’ve documented this fascination and I am really pleased with how it works out.  Even the portraits talk about skin tones, textures and surfaces.

I’ve noticed one thing as lacking altogether: I have – up till now – followed my private fascinations, but have not connected  my work to discourses in the artworld past and present.  Or to a certain place and space. Or to a critique of  things in society. Well, the invitation to do so, and the knowledge  I need in order to be able to do so, are vigorously extended in this masters course.  Indeed, so vigorous is the invitation, so massive the knowledge transfer, that the first four months at MaHKU have left me kind of breathless.

The christmas holidays gave me a breather, a time to let the unconscious sift and sort and present me with solutions. This has always worked for me in the past, and came up trumps again. I now have a clearer view of my research thesis and the research path.  Next few days I will spend on the 2000 words- essay that is due Feb 1th. Hope I will be able to convey this ‘clearer view’ to paper! Writing the blog has been a great help, both to marshall my thoughts and to document my resources. Now that my ‘house’  is in order, it’s time to move on …

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