Lights out for the Domkerk proposal

domkerk final 02domkerk final 01Lights out for the Domkerk proposal. .. At a run-through last week with Elias, our teacher, we reluctantly came to the conclusion that our proposed work would not be robust enough, not vandal-proof enough, to work  in the church space.

We discussed various alternative options for the use of projectors, but came to the conclusion that the interactivity that we are after  – realised by giving the public access to the overheads and enabling them to play around with the images – could not be realised using another technique (f.ex. slide shows).  And the overheads will never be vandal-proof enough, however hard we tried to find a solution that would be robust and allow for interactivity.

So we decided to stop & not invite the Domkerk people for another presentation.  A shame, really, as I had looked forward to doing something in and for the Domkerk a lot. Well – we tried. And learned a lot.

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