Eyes and eyes and eyes, to see and to be seen.  Electronical eyes following us everywhere. I intend to use the most influential ‘eye’ of our time: the electronic surveillance camera. When something is seen by a camera, it must be real.  When I see myself  on a screen, maybe I do exist. Perpetual try-outs for a fragmented ‘me’.

I’m experimenting with a camera-screen setup, that I will double as soon as I can get another tv. Inbetween the screens  I will set up a playground. To have three processes going on on one’s head:  losing oneself in play, being oneself and observing oneself from above/behind.  Becoming both participant and viewer in our own existence.

Had a tv at Tractie last week that didn’t connect to the camera. So I hunted for another one this week, now with a greater degree of  success. Connected the camera to a device on wheels, to try out several points-of-view. Also suspended the camera from the ceiling.  From behind is – to me – the most effective viewpoint, from the front is too much like a mirror. From above is also worthwile.

Tractie 17 feb 042Tractie 17 feb 027

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