Casco: Come Alive!

101_0602Went to Casco’s Come Alive symposium today, subtitle: no movement without archives. It was not my day for sitting & listening, it turned out to be very hard for me to keep focused. So I left after listening to Barbara Stevenni’s talk about her Artists Placement Group, that since 1966 has placed artists with companies and governmental organisations. She’s a tiny lady with a beautiful upper-class british voice that I admired very much, a joy to listen to whatever the subject. And hers was interesting stuff, but, as I said, just not my day.

Checked her on the ‘net – she made me think of Orgacom, the company my teacher Elias Tieleman co-founded, and what do you know: they have worked together.

Best story about APG: one of their artists, being placed on an ocean-going vessel, had his work of art tossed overboard by a crew enraged by the artist’s refusal to teach them recreational watercolour painting, which was what they expected him to do.