More play at Tractie

Have been playing at Tractie some more. Promised myself to do the chess thing – see pics. Made a board on the floor (it’s just chalk lines) and put the chess pieces on the screen. Most interesting thing that happened was the hand thing – see pics. All my hand, three different sized. Made me think of the ‘Hand from Above’ piece by Chris O’Shea, I blogged about him earlier. Tractie 15 maart 016Tractie 15 maart 048Tractie 15 maart 072Tractie 15 maart 101Tractie 15 maart 120Did a number of silly things, posted a selection of them  here. Don’t laugh! I especially like the last pic of me with the feet on the tv’s looking at me in the tv.

To do: repair the plug-thingummy that got broken; more ‘hand from above’ pics with no signs on the floor; wear a shirt that is less loud; eat dinner from the tv sets using see-through plates and cutlery;  ransack the little girl’s cupboard and  bring in more games; generally have a good time playing;  make a board on plexiglass and suspend it from the ceiling under the camera; film the ping-pong game.

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