Blog hijack

pingbackThis is really hilarious. Since I opened this blog for feedback, I keep getting pingbacks from a site named  I mindlessly deleted their stuff, then had a better look at what it was they actually did. Don’t know for sure, but I think they automatically grab text from my posts, then publish it on their own blog. Inbetween,  they scramble it somhow, so it comes out like this:

“Yesterday saw complicated wake up during my place. Support organisation (being a small lady as well as a really accessible 19-year old) as well as me did a little critical symbol making. Then you had a go during creation larger-than-life crayons out of plaster.”

This is my original text: “Yesterday saw heavy activity at my place. Support group (being the little girl and a very handy 19-year old)  and me did some serious button making.  Then we had a go at making larger-than-life crayons out of plaster. ”

What is it with this weblog? A converter gone crazy? A text scrambler with a will of its own?  Seriously funny, no?

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