Ilvy Njiokiktjien Spelen op Straat Jaarbeursplein Utrecht Did the street action at Utrecht town square today. Us students drew  a game on the street:  thanks Leonardo, Chrysoula, Yan, Alejandro and Brisha! Many thanks go to the support group, too: Coja, Jaap, Arie, Arjan.  Because of you guys  it went really well!

There was a lot going on at the square when we arrived around 12.00: shoppers, strollers, a wedding,  a dance group. It felt good being there and adding our own layer of activity.   Later on we even got groups of boy- and girl-scouts, celebrating a 100-anniversary by doing an open-air game across town. Lots of participants – lots of passers-by, too.

And lots of photo ops – but not for me! I have never worked with outside photographers before. It is very strange not to  have a photographers recollection of today – I connected with people but did not look  at them through a lens. Two things I usually combine when doing  experiments in my atelier.  So now my recollection of today lacks a certain kind of visuality that I have come to depend on.  It feels  a little weird  having to wait for the photographers to send me stuff.  Patience, that’s what I need right now.

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