Eggs interface

Egg interface

Found a good post today about play as an important element in web design, check this post at User Interface Engineering. Playfulness harnassed to the engines of commerce. I like the examples but dislike the principe.

A quote: “These elements of play aren’t happening by accident. They are part of who we are as humans. We are a naturally curious species, whe often enjoy a good challenge. Designers can leverage our traits and desires to encourage behavioral changes.”

“CoffeeCup uses the principles of challenge and curiosity to get users to explore their web site. By hiding the eggs in subtle places, they make the game of finding them more difficult. Moreover, by placing them in areas of the site where the users may not have ventured before, their exposure to the additional capabilities and functionality leverages their natural curiosity.”

“As for Think Geek, they are leveraging feedback loops, humor effect, and status. Giving instant feedback on the points the shopper has accumulated, encourages them to purchase more. Humorous items are more easily (and fondly) remembered than non-humorous items. And the status of gathering more points gives the shoppers bragging rights for their peers.”

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