I’ve discovered the joys of RSS feeds yesterday. Thanks -again- to the incredible people at WordPress it’s very easy to subscribe to my blog.

I’m a Google lover as well as a WordPress devotee, so I checked the way Google handles RSS feeds. If you know all about this, just add to your Google Reader.

If you are a novice, like me, this is the way to go:

At your Google page, check ‘more’ and click on ‘reader’

google reader

In reader, click ‘add a subscription’  then copy-paste in the box and you’re all set.

I will look into the RSS thing a bit more. I want to know, for example, how to add the little orange icon to my blog that allows you to subscribe to it with one mouseclick. Not that I want the icon, it looks hideous. But it is so recognisable. Functionality or aesthetics, I wonder which will win.

But other things to do today & tomorrow, so my curiosity will have to be put on the back burner for the moment.

Later: What I’ll do is that I will post this info as a page, to make it more accessible.

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