Before and after at AWK

Everdien Breken AWK 14 juli 2010 053Everdien Breken AWK 14 juli 2010 046Started transforming my new atelier  into a double-solo-like play space last friday.

First order of business was to make the walls into potential play surfaces – which I did by giving them a dark grey colour matching the flooring. They are now grey up until 2/3 of their height  – which is considerable, it being a building from the days people built roomy rooms. The pics here are an ‘after’ and ‘before’ shot.

I don’t include an ‘after’ and ‘before’ of my own person, even though that would have been interesting. I had much more paint on various parts of my body  than I could have wished – but less than I had feared. Stepped into the paint container only once, the container having moved itself into my path when I came off the ladder. Very un-ladylike words escaped my lips. I hate paint!

Bits and pieces of the wall came off, so I’m in for some repair work.

The grey did magic, the room now looks much more interesting, a bit posh, even. The fireplace isn’t so prominent any more (it is black marble), the doors, windows and plinths coming together.

Am thinking of drawing white lines on the floor and the walls later, to suggest  play. This decision will depend on the effect of the balls that I will scatter around the floor. I have assembled a collection of balls of various sizes and sorts, some plastic, some leather, some with a knitted surface, some smooth. So sense of touch will also be represented – very important issue for me!

Don’t know about the number of camera’s and TV’s yet. I have three sets, thinking about adding one more, if needed. This I can only find out when I am installing  stuff.

The voice suggesting ball movements is under construction too. Aart, who is sound technician for a hardrock band, is looking at the tapes that hold Karen’s beautiful voice and clear english and dutch pronounciation. Both Aart and Karen are neighbours:  I’m really using my network here.

Next step is to construct a frame in the doorway, to keep the balls inside.

AWK 14 juli 2010 056Everdien Breken AWK 14 juli 2010 039

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