Kitchen transpaired

Everdien Breken Transpair 12 juli 2010 031

Went to the Transpair house yesterday, armed with husband, the little girl and chain saw. Loes needed help finishing some or the projects at  her temporary  home. Lots of people come in and start interesting things, our goal was to finish some of these projects. We ended up giving the kitchen a makeover, see the ‘before’ and ‘after’ pics. Kitchen is now an island on a red floor, work bench attached. Made out of a large cabinet that was in the room already (not visible on camera) but looked out of place with the rest.

I love this house – I want one just like it!  The whole experiment has made me look at furniture in a different way – not at what it’s function is now but what great (or silly)  things can be done with it. I myself did some nice things to the chandelier (visible as a beige blob above the table), also started knitting a room divider / clothes storage thing. I am using some old blankets that I cut up in ribbons  for yarn. Looks promising. I’ll go back monday and knit some more.

transpair 01transpair 02

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