Food for thought

Everdien Breken  SelfPortrait 01 290910

Made another self portrait today (mis)using an Arnold Newman portrait  of Picasso at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art. It (the picture) made me think of an Escher drawing that has been on my mind. Escher did a drawing of a hand with a ball, see my blog written in august.  Picasso’s eye is this ball in reverse: the ball mirrors the light, Picasso’s eye absorbes it. I did a number of self-portraits earlier based on the Escher drawing, so now I did one based on this Picasso portrait. Food for thought – but not for  today.

Later: It may not be the eye, but the way both artists look straight at you, in a take-me-or-leave-me way. I’m never in my games, myself. Why not?

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